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Fantasy football is an online football game where you are the head of your football team. This game can be played on You have to compete against your friends by making a team that has NFL players. Depending on their filed performance in a week, you get points. The team that has the highest points at the end comes our as a winner. The fantasy football league has 10 or 12 teams. Every week, your team plays against a different team. The playoffs are for weeks 14 to 16. In the final, you get the winner of the fantasy football. In the Redraft, there is an introduction of a new team every year. In the Keeper league, the players are the same every year. A particular number of players are kept in the team from the previous year’s lineup.

In the Dynasty type of league, there are players who stay in the team for years. One doesn’t select a certain number of players like the procedure in Keeper league. The same players are playing and they become veteran players. There are league formats also like head-to-head, best ball, roto, and points only. Fantasy football defense rankings: Best sleepers and streamers are Seahawks, Josh Allens, Patrick Mahomes, and Jalen Hurts. Rankings PPR for week 6 are Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allens, Jalen Hurts, and Lamar Jackson. The Fantasy football defense rankings: Best sleepers and streamers are similar to the rankings in PPR.

Which Fantasy Defenses Get A Week 6 Bye?

The Steelers and Packers have got a week 6 bye. The week 6 is not much of activity for the byes.

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Who Are The Top Week 6 Fantasy Defenses?

  • The top week 6 fantasy defenses are 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys. Micah Parsons and Fred Warner are also among top week 6 defenses. Raven, Saints, and Dolphins are also good defenses.
  • Philadelphia Eagles are doing great defense in Week 6. 49ers’ defense was good against Dallas Cowboys.
  • Baltimore is doing good defense and has the 8th ranking. They have allowed 15 points per game. Dolphins are doing well in week 6 in defense.
  • New Orleans Saints defense is quite special. The Saints have rank of 4 in the fantasy defense. The key player for Saints is C.J. Stroud.
  • Falcons are playing safe and have a good defense in fantasy football.
  • Dallas Cowboys could not play a good defense in the game against San Francisco. But they have number 1 rank in defense in fantasy football.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars have allowed only 20 points per game. This is a good defense. Gardner Minshew will start the game and play the defense role.
  • It is being believed that Las Vegas would start the Week 6 by an efficient defense.
  • Detroit Lions have done great defense in the last 3 weeks. They are allowing 16 points per game. Aidan Hutchinson is the most important player for them.
  • New England Patriots offense play is having an impact on their defense play. During the defense play, they have suffered a lot of injuries.
  • Bengals have a rank of 7 in the defense rankings. In week 5, they played well. Cincinnati is not doing that good when it comes to defense play. Minnesota is also the same in the defense play. Houston is also not doing that well.
  • Seattle had played a good defense against Giants in week 4. The key player for them is Jamal Adams.
  • Tampa Bay is doing good defense and allowing just 17 points.

Who Are The Top 6 Waiver Grabs And Sleepers In Fantasy Defense?

Seahawk is among the top sleeper in fantasy defense. Roschon Johnson, Justice Hill, Emari Demercado, Josh Downs, Jeff Wilson Jr., Logan Thomas K.J. Osborn, Matthew Stafford, and others are waiver grabs for week 6.

The top team gets the first waiver pick. Then the second team follows.

Week 6 Fantasy Defense Rankings: Starters and Sitters

San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, and others are among the starters and sitters for week 6 fantasy defense rankings.

D/ST Fantasy Projections and Rankings for Week 6 from Draft Sharks

Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Fields are in the top rankings from Draft Sharks. In the week 6 QB projections and rankings, Goff is doing well. In the RB’s rankings and projections, Ford didn’t do well in two games. 49ers are at the second position in defense area. So, the game is going to be difficult for everyone.

In the WR projections and rankings, McLaurin had a bad play this time. Jahan Dotson, Curtis Samuel, and Logan Thomas have also not played that well. Falcons played great against WRs this time. Amon Ra St. Brown and Christian Kirk gave them tough competition. McLaurin is expected to do the same.

Week 6 defense rankings from Draft Sharks are Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and others.




San Francisco 49ers @ Browns


Buffalo Bills vs. Giants


Philadelphia Eagles @ Jets


Detroit Lions @ Buccaneers


Dallas Cowboys @ Chargers


Baltimore Ravens vs. Titans


New Orleans Saints @ Texans


Miami Dolphins vs. Panthers


Seattle Seahawks @ Bengals


Houston Texans vs. Saints


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Broncos


Atlanta Falcons vs. Commanders


New England Patriots @ Raiders


Tennessee Titans vs. Ravens


Cincinnati Bengals vs. Seahawks


Indianapolis Colts @ Jaguars


New York Jets vs. Eagles


Washington Commanders @ Falcons


Cleveland Browns vs. 49ers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Lions


Las Vegas Raiders vs. Patriots


Minnesota Vikings @ Bears


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Colts


Los Angeles Rams vs. Cardinals


Arizona Cardinals @ Rams


Fantasy football is an online game that can be played on It is played for 18 weeks. There are different types of leagues in it like redraft, keeper, and dynasty. The formats of the game are head-to-head, best ball, roto, and points only. 49ers, Eagles, Dolphins, Seattle, and Tampa bay are playing well in the defense fantasy football in week 6. The best players are Josh Allens and Patrick Mahomes.


Where can you play fantasy football?

Are there apps for playing fantasy football?

Yes- NFL Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football My Player Playbook, and more

Which players are doing well in fantasy football week 6?

James Allen and Patrick Mahomes

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