2026 FIFA World Cup: When and where What is the format?

Not only a sport but soccer is the heartbeat for many. Soccer is a global language. Breaking the barriers and borders. It unites people from all over the world and weaves them together in the spirit of love and harmony. FIFA, the international governing body of football has been spreading the love of soccer for years!  The 2026 FIFA World Cup is the next big event that will be taking place. And for the first time ever, the change in format will be seen. The World Cup will include 48 teams, an expansion of 16 if compared with the past seven tournaments. All the teams will split into groups of 12 and 4 teams. The top two from each group and the eight best third-placed teams will progress to the new round of 32. Even the total number of games to be played has been increased from 16 to 104! The match is expected to last for around 40 days. A clear increase from the 2014 and 2018 editions can be seen here.

This article will be your guide to the 2026 FIFA World Cup. We will help you with all the relevant information you are looking for. So, gear up all the soccer buddies!

Where will the World Cup come to in 2026?

The 2026 FIFA World Cup is going to be the 23rd FIFA World Cup. We made your search easy. The tournament will be hosted by 16 cities from the countries of North America. The countries are, first Canada then Mexico, and lastly United States.

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2026 World Cup host cities

Okay, so you must be wondering where to catch the live glimpse of the 2026 FIFA World Cup and where is the 2026 World Cup will be taking place.  Worry no more. We have got you covered! There is a long list of 2026 World Cup venues. The cities that will become the 2026 World Cup host cities are-

Canada: Toronto and Vancouver

Mexico: Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey

United States of America: Atlanta, Boston. Dallas, Houston, Kanas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York Ner Jersey, Philadelphia, San Franciso Bay Area, Seattle

When is the World Cup in 2026?

We bet you soccer cannot just wait for the 2026 FIFA World Cup!

Get ready for the thrilling month! Save your dates for the most exciting 2026 world cup final! The match will be taking place from June 11, 2026 (Thursday) to July 19, 2026 (Sunday).

Venues in the United States

If you are from United States of America and hoping to attend the 2026 FIFA world cup, then this information is just for you. List of 2026 world cup venues in United States has been released. There will be total of eleven stadiums that will be hosting the world cup. This is the list of 2026 world cup stadiums. world cup 2026 tickets price

  • Mercedes Benz stadium- Atlanta
  • Gillette Stadium- Boston
  • AT&T Stadium- Dallas
  • NRG Stadium- Houston
  • Arrowhead Stadium- Kansas City
  • SoFi Stadium- Lost Angeles
  • Hard Rock Stadium- Miami
  • MetLife Stadium- New York/New Jersey
  • Lincoln Financial Field- Philadelphia
  • Levi's Stadium- San Franciso Bay Area
  • Lumen Field- Seattle

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World cup 2026 tickets price

The sale for world cup 2026 tickets is expected to begin from the year 2025. The online phase will be open from 2025 and is expected to run till the July of 2026. Keep in mind that the world cup 2026 tickets price will be varying from place to place and seat to seat. The sale category itself is divided into the two categories.

  1. Tickets for International fans
  2. Tickets for North American residents.

world cup 2026 tickets price range is expected go from 15$ to 990$. Of course, the range will differ from match stage and the seats. Here is the predicted list of world cup 2026 tickets price-

  • Opening match- 5$ - 310$
  • Group play- 15$ - 230$
  • Round of 16- 20$ - 290$
  • Quarterfinals- 85$ - 450$
  • Semifinals- 140$ - 960$
  • Third place match - 85$ - 450$

Watching the 2026 World Cup                           

Excited for the world cup but confused where to watch? Worry no more. The 2026 match details were announced recently only. In English and Spanish, you can livestream the announcement in both the languages. If you are English speaker, then FS1 is your place to watch the world cup announcement. For the Spanish speakers, Telemundo Deports is the place where the announcement was aired.  For the live streaming of match in 2026, go on FOX and FS1 for the English language fans. The Spanish fans can choose either the Telemundo or Universo.


  • What will be the schedule of FIF world cup 2026?

June 11, 2026 (Thursday) to July 19, 2026 (Sunday)

  • Which are host countries?

USA, Canada and Mexico.

  • Where is the venue?

Various stadiums of the 16 North American countries.

  • When is the first draw?

July 2023

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