Rodrigo: Romario called me the baddest of the bad

Rodrigo examines experiencing a dreadful physical issue in the UAE 2024 Dubai last, his full go-around, the post-game festivals and Romario's presence.

February, by the Gregorian schedule, is the main month that can be delegated 'great'. February 2024 wasn't - it started on a Thursday and contained 29 days - yet it unequivocally was for an August kid.

On its twelfth day, at the Ocean side Soccer Stars Occasion in Dubai, Rodrigo was delegated the game's Best Men's Player interestingly. On its 25th, the stalwart Flamenguista saw his venerated image, previous Flamengo striker Romario, in the stands as he arranged to address Brazil in the FIFA Ocean side Soccer World Cup™ last. Rodrigo then, at that point, conveyed quite possibly of the best exhibition at any point saw in the installation - it included arranging Leandro Casapieri's shipping off, giving a help and hitting a full go-around - as the Seleção of the sand vanquished the tricky 'hexa'.

Rodrigo talks to FIFA about cutting his foot in the last, his full go-around, the post-match festivities, and acclaim from Romario.

FIFA: How did it feel to see Romario in the stands at the final?

Party-mad Brazil legend Romario skipped World Cup training for volleyball,  scored so Johan Cruyff would send him to carnival, and once called Pele  'mentally retarded' | talkSPORT

Rodrigo: I heard there was plausible he'd be there. He's perhaps of the greatest symbol Brazil has at any point had. He played for my club, Flamengo. He's quite possibly of the best player in football history, perhaps the deadliest ever in the punishment region, and he was unimaginable at our game as well. Romario is somebody we have enormous adoration for. For him to respect us with his presence on such a fantastic day meant the world. At the point when I saw him in the stands, it was a wellspring of genuine motivation. Furthermore, I assume I had somewhat of a Romario day! (snickers)

What did you think of the final?

We realized we were facing a truly intense group. They had Josep, who was deservedly named the best player at the World Cup, and a few other extraordinary players. They scored a decent opener, which made it challenging for us. Casapieri was pulling off mind blowing saves, however we tried to avoid panicking. We were in charge of the ball, the game and accepted the objectives would come. [Andrea] Carpita is a fantastic goalkeeper, yet losing Casapieri was a major catastrophe for Italy. He's remarkable, was as of late delegated the best goalkeeper on the planet. After he went off, the objectives began streaming. Say thanks to God we became champions. I think we were commendable victors. I need to praise Italy. I think they had nine players showing up in their most memorable World Cup. That is difficult. I think our experience won, yet this Italy side have a superb future. I believe we deserve congrats as well. I think we played flawlessly and were additionally fighters when we should have been all through the opposition.

A specific No9 was a champion in the last, right…

World champion Grant Holloway of US denied in 110-meter hurdles at Olympics  - The Boston Globe

With three minutes left in the subsequent period, I experienced a dreadful cut on my foot, under the little toe. I would have rather not uttered a word since I dreaded they would make me go off. I played the excess three minutes with a cut foot. There was no opportunity to join it up between periods, so I wrapped it up and continued. I could never have minded on the off chance that it was broken - nothing was taking me off in such a significant game. When the game got done, I proceeded to wash the cut, put something on it to stay away from disease, and proceeded to have three join.

How could it feel to hit a full go-around and produce such a legendary execution in the last?

I consider one Brazil's greatest assets is the number of players we that have who can dominate a match. In each game at the World Cup, it was an alternate player. Express gratitude toward God the last was my day (chuckles). Scoring a full go-around On the planet Cup last is something I'll recall until the end of my life. Yet, I didn't come out on top for Brazil the championship. It was down to the entire crew. Each player had their influence. Upsettingly a wide range of players contributed and protectively we were great. I need to commend Bobo, who made a few fantastic recoveries at truly significant minutes during the competition. Having Bobo in objective imparts us with certainty.

How were the festivals after the game?

Envision a gathering of elated folks! (chuckles) We didn't have that much time. We had four, five hours before we needed to go to the air terminal. We went to the lodging eatery, ate pizza, celebrated. We had really buckled down together from now into the indefinite future quite a while to bring home this notable championship. It was the acknowledgment of a tremendous dream. It was a truly extraordinary and satisfying time.

How could it feel to at last win Brazil the 'hexa'?

It meant the world. It's difficult to articulate. The entire of Brazil had yearned for this for quite a while, everybody was continuously discussing it. We at last figured out how to make it happen and it was an astonishing inclination. Ideally now the Seleção can win the hexa in futsal and football. What's more, as president Ednaldo [Rodrigues] said, presently we'll follow the 'hepta'.

How did it feel to have the CBF president supporting you in Dubai?

FIFA considers disciplinary action from suspended Argentina-Brazil match |  CBC Sports

It was the initial occasion when a CBF president had been available at the World Cup. He invested in ocean side soccer, he assisted us with numerous things. He's focused on building a field at Granja Comary, the CBF central command, and making an association, coordinated by the CBF, for clubs. Ocean side soccer has come on a great deal because of Ednaldo, and it will keep on developing under his initiative. We're exceptionally thankful to him for everything.

How did it feel to see your family when you came through the arrival gates in Rio de Janeiro?

Awesome. I got through the doors and my child came running over to embrace me! It was an euphoric second, truly satisfying. I was missing him like there's no tomorrow. Embracing my wife was awesome. She let me know she'd cried a great deal during the day of the last! My better half plays ocean side soccer and had longed for this world title to such an extent. I invest a ton of energy away from home, yet I do it looking for a superior life for my loved ones. Without the help of my significant other, my child, my folks, it is basically impossible that I would play for the Seleção and bringing home such a wonderful championship.

Then you had a little chat with Romario?

At the point when we got through the doors, the media was there. Romario was surrendering a meeting and they called me to partake in it. I kidded that I'd had a day like Romario. He said that I was the baddest of the terrible. I had a little talk with him thereafter. He commended me and said that I merited everything. He's my venerated image so it implied a great deal. To say somebody like Romario, a public symbol, lauded somebody like me was staggering.

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