Releases SEC football schedule 2024?

ESPN released the SEC football schedule 2024 on Wednesday, showing the record this is certainly high in for example regarding the preeminent seminars in college soccer. Texas and Oklahoma, two programs being marquee is welcomed in to the fold in 2024. The seminar is playing an schedule this is certainly eight-game but there is a discussion whether that will continue, or move to nine.

The inclusion regarding the two additionally brings the abolishment of divisions, indicating the SEC West and SEC East no exist longer. Alabama and Georgia, the unit this is certainly respective, will play one another Sept. 28 within an SEC Championship rematch. Alabama, needless to say, won in 2010's iteration 27-24 to relax and play its way to the College Football Playoff.

Maintaining on the topic of Alabama and Georgia: The Crimson Tide's bout with Oklahoma happens to be established as Nov. 23 in Norman. Georgia will play Texas on Oct. 19 in Austin, which serves as the other marquee matchup.

Alabama, needless to say, is coming off a home-and-home against Texas, by which each online game had been claimed by the roadway staff.

Here are the complete ESPN SEC schedule releases, because the conference prepares for the expansion that is major.

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SEC football schedule 2024

 SEC football schedule 2024

Alabama Crimson Tide routine

Aug. 31: vs. Western Kentucky
Sept. 7: vs. University of South Florida
Sept. 14: at Wisconsin
Sept. 21: BYE
Sept. 28: vs. Georgia*
Oct. 5: at Vanderbilt*
Oct. 12: vs, South Carolina*
Oct. 19: at Tennessee*
Oct. 26: vs. Missouri*
Nov. 2: BYE
Nov. 9: at LSU*
Nov. 16: versus. Mercer
Nov. 23: at Oklahoma*
Nov. 30: versus. Auburn*

Arkansas Razorbacks schedule

Aug. 31: versus. UAPB
Sept. 7: at Oklahoma State
Sept. 14: vs. UAB
Sept. 21: at Auburn*
Sept. 28: vs. Texas A&M (AT&T Stadium, Arlington)*
Oct. 5: versus. Tennessee*
Oct. 12: BYE
Oct. 19: versus. LSU*
Oct. 26: at Mississippi State*
Nov. 2: vs. Ole Miss*
Nov. 9: BYE
Nov. 16: vs. Texas*
Nov. 23: versus. Louisiana Tech
Nov. 30: at Missouri*

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Auburn Tigers routine

Aug. 31: vs. Alabama A&M
Sept. 7: vs. California
Sept. 14: vs. New Mexico
Sept. 21: versus. Arkansas*
Sept. 28: vs. Oklahoma
Oct. 5: at Georgia*
Oct. 12: BYE
Oct. 19: at Missouri*
Oct. 26: at Kentucky*
Nov. 2: vs. Vanderbilt*
Nov. 9: BYE
Nov. 16: versus. ULM
Nov. 30: at Alabama*

Florida Gators schedule

Aug. 31: versus. Miami (FL)
Sept. 7: vs. Samford
Sept. 14: vs. Texas A&M*
Sept. 21: at Mississippi State*
Sept. 28: BYE
Oct. 5: versus. University of Central Florida
Oct. 12: at Tennessee*
Oct. 19: versus. Kentucky*
Oct. 26: BYE
Nov. 2: vs. Georgia (EverBank Stadium, Jacksonville)*
Nov. 9: at Texas*
Nov. 16: versus. LSU*
Nov. 23: versus. Ole Miss*
Nov. 30: at Florida State

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Georgia Bulldogs routine

Aug. 31: versus. Clemson (Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta)
Sept. 7: versus. Tennessee Tech
Sept. 14: at Kentucky*
Sept. 21: BYE
Sept. 28: at Alabama*
Oct. 5: versus. Auburn*
Oct. 12: vs. Mississippi State*
Oct. 19: at Texas*
Oct. 26: BYE
Nov. 2: vs. Florida (EverBank Stadium, Jacksonville)*
Nov. 9: at Ole Miss*
Nov. 16: vs. Tennessee*
Nov. 23: versus. UMass
Nov. 30: vs. Georgia Tech

Kentucky Wildcats routine

Aug. 31: versus. Southern Miss
Sept. 7: vs. South Carolina*
Sept. 14: versus. Georgia*
Sept. 21: versus. Ohio
Sept. 28: at Ole Miss*
Oct. 5: BYE
Oct. 12: vs. Vanderbilt
Oct. 19: at Florida*
Oct. 26: versus. Auburn*
Nov. 2: at Tennessee*
Nov. 9: BYE
Nov. 16: versus. Murray State
Nov. 23: at Texas*
Nov. 30: vs. Louisville

LSU Tigers routine

Sept. 1 (Sunday): vs. USC (Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas)
Sept. 7: vs. Nicholls
Sept. 14: at South Carolina*
Sept. 21: versus. UCLA
Sept. 28: vs. South Alabama
Oct. 5: BYE
Oct. 12: vs. Ole Miss*
Oct. 19: at Arkansas*
Oct. 26: at Texas A&M*
Nov. 2: BYE
Nov. 9: versus. Alabama
Nov. 16: at Florida*
Nov. 23: versus. Vanderbilt*
Nov. 30: vs. Oklahoma*


Mississippi State Bulldogs routine

Aug. 31: versus. Eastern Kentucky
Sept. 7: at Arizona State
Sept. 14: vs. Toledo
Sept. 21: versus. Florida*
Sept. 28: at Texas*
Oct. 5: BYE
Oct. 12: at Georgia*
Oct. 19: vs. Texas A&M*
Oct. 26: versus. Arkansas*
Nov. 2: vs. UMass
Nov. 9: at Tennessee*
Nov. 16: BYE
Nov. 23: vs. Missouri*
Nov. 30: at Ole Miss*

Missouri Tigers routine

Aug. 31: versus. Murray State
Sept. 7: vs. Buffalo
Sept. 14: versus. Boston College
Sept. 21: vs. Vanderbilt*
Sept. 28: BYE
Oct. 5: at Texas A&M*
Oct. 12: at UMass
Oct. 19: versus. Auburn*
Oct. 26: at Alabama*
Nov. 2: BYE
Nov. 9: vs. Oklahoma*
Nov. 16: at South Carolina*
Nov. 23: at Mississippi State*
Nov. 30: vs. Arkansas*

Ole Miss Rebels routine

Aug. 31: versus. Furman
Sept. 7: vs. Middle Tennessee
Sept. 14: at Wake Forest
Sept. 21: vs. Georgia Southern
Sept. 28: vs. Kentucky*
Oct. 5: at South Carolina*
Oct. 12: at LSU*
Oct. 19: BYE
Oct. 26: vs. Oklahoma*
Nov. 2: at Arkansas*
Nov. 9: vs. Georgia*
Nov. 16: BYE
Nov. 23: at Florida*
Nov. 30: versus. Mississippi State*

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Oklahoma Sooners schedule

Aug. 31: versus. Temple
Sept. 7: vs. Houston
Sept. 14: vs. Tulane
Sept. 21: versus. Tennessee*
Sept. 28: at Auburn*
Oct. 5: BYE
Oct. 12: versus. Texas*
Oct. 19: versus. South Carolina*
Oct. 26: at Ole Miss*
Nov. 2: versus. Maine
Nov. 9: at Missouri*
Nov. 16: BYE
Nov. 23: vs. Alabama*
Nov. 30: at LSU*

South Carolina Gamecocks schedule

Aug. 31: versus. Old Dominion
Sept. 7: at Kentucky*
Sept. 14: vs. LSU*
Sept. 21: versus. Akron
Sept. 28: BYE
Oct. 5: vs. Ole Miss*
Oct. 12: at Alabama*
Oct. 19: at Oklahoma*
Oct. 26: BYE
Nov. 2: versus. Texas A&M*
Nov. 9: at Vanderbilt*
Nov. 16: vs. Missouri*
Nov. 23: versus. Wofford
Nov. 30: at Clemson

Tennessee Vols schedule

Aug. 31: vs. Chattanooga
Sept. 7: versus. NC State
Sept. 14: versus. Kent State
Sept. 21: at Oklahoma*
Sept. 28: BYE
Oct. 5: at Arkansas*
Oct. 12: versus. Florida*
Oct. 19: versus. Alabama*
Oct. 26: BYE
Nov. 2: versus. Kentucky*
Nov. 9: versus. Mississippi State*
Nov. 16: at Georgia*
Nov. 23: vs. UTEP
Nov. 30: at Vanderbilt*

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Texas Longhorns routine

Aug. 31: versus. Colorado Condition
Sept. 7: at Michigan
Sept. 14: vs. UTSA
Sept. 21: vs. ULM
Sept. 28: versus. Mississippi State*
Oct. 5: BYE
Oct. 12: versus. Oklahoma
Oct. 19: vs. Georgia*
Oct. 26: at Vanderbilt*
Nov. 2: BYE
Nov. 9: vs. Florida*
Nov. 16: at Arkansas*
Nov. 23: versus. Kentucky*
Nov. 30: at Texas A&M*

Texas A&M Aggies schedule

Aug. 31: versus. Notre Dame
Sept. 7: vs. McNeese State
Sept. 14: at Florida*
Sept. 21: versus. Bowling Green
Sept. 28: vs. Arkansas (AT&T Stadium, Arlington)*
Oct. 5: vs. Missouri*
Oct. 12: BYE
Oct. 19: at Mississippi State*
Oct. 26: vs. LSU*
Nov. 2: at South Carolina*
Nov. 9: BYE
Nov. 16: versus. New Mexico State
Nov. 23: at Auburn*
Nov. 30: vs. Texas*

Vanderbilt Commodores routine

Aug. 31: vs. Virginia Tech
Sept. 7: versus. Alcorn State
Sept. 14: at Georgia State
Sept. 21: at Missouri*
Sept. 28: BYE
Oct. 5: versus. Alabama*
Oct. 12: at Kentucky*
Oct. 19: versus. Ball State
Oct. 26: vs. Texas*
Nov. 2: at Auburn*
Nov. 9: vs. South Carolina*
Nov. 16: BYE
Nov. 23: at LSU*
Nov. 30: vs. Tennessee*

SEC schedule format 2024

Given that SEC changes to its new regular, debates over a 7+1 or 6+3 method carry on. Under 7+1, teams would play seven seminar opponents for a basis that is turning get one founded rival. This could keep consitently the SEC within the familiar eight-game structure.

Within the 6+3 format, teams would play six groups on rotation and have now three rivals which are established. The structure that is nine-game be in-line aided by the Big 12 and Big Ten. The ACC plays an schedule this is certainly eight-game whereas the Pac-12 played nine before its dissolution after the 2023-24 season.

In 2024, SEC teams will play eight seminar opponents and one opponent from the Big 12, Big Ten, ACC, major separate, or Washington State/Oregon State.

SEC 2024 schedule release time

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 13
Time: 6 p.m. CT

The SEC's 2024 routine shall be circulated at 6 p.m. CT.

SEC 2024 schedule release channel

Channel: ESPN, SEC Network
Stream: WatchESPN, ESPN+, Fubo (trial offer)


when will sec announce 2024 football schedule?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 13, 2023) – The Southeastern league released today the football schedules for all 16 SEC schools for the 2024 season, the first of which includes new league members University of Oklahoma and University of Texas.

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